Hey, thanks for taking time to check out my site, it really means a lot.

In case you were wondering who I am or why am I here:

My names Tucker Johnson, & I’ve always enjoyed creating, storytelling, and really just entertaining people in any way I could.

I used to make movies when I was a little kid, and looking back they were pretty awful.

But luckily I never stopped doing it, and over the years I somehow developed a real knack for it.

Until now I’ve never had a place to share my work with you guys, or a convenient way for you to contact me, so I made a website where we can do both!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, jokes or inquiries you have. I’d love to talk.

Let’s make something awesome together


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13078 Pheasant Haven Ct.
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Weddings & Events

The Perfect Day


I’ll be with you for a full day (up to 8 hours) to capture every moment! You’ll receive a 5-8 minute “Highlights” video with desired music, as well as a 10-15 minute “Director’s Cut” video with no music, so you can listen to those priceless moments had at the special day

A Night to Remember


This is a great package for covering a single event such as a reception, party, bridal shower, reunion, etc. You’ll receive a 3-5-minute “Highlights” video put to your choice of music, as well as a 5-10 minute “Director’s Cut” video, including many raw, priceless moments of the special night.

Real Estate

Estate Package


Show off that home of yours in a way that it’ll sell itself! We’ll spend a full day filming the home, property, and even the surrounding resorts, shopping centers, and national parks to show off not only the home, but all the area has in store. You’ll receive a 3-5-minute “Highlights” video which will include all things listed above. Any wanted music, voice over, or on-scene actors for the video will have an added price for licensing and hiring.

Social - Commercial - Promotional

Contact me for more details on pricing

(801) 441-9793